Kyla Cole
Dionysian Beauty

Sometimes called the most beautiful woman to come out of the former Czechoslovakia, Kyla Cole's meteoric rise to fame began shortly after a stint as a summer camp counselor in upstate New York. Selected as Penthouse Pet of the Month in March 2000, within a year she had made it onto the cover of dozens more men's magazines. She later shot three films with director Andrew Blake: including the critically acclaimed The Villa, and will soon be acting once again, this time in an action film. A native of Slovakia, Kyla Cole is presently living in Ostrava where she divides her time between photo shoots, working as a make-up artist and running her own website and modeling agency.

Prague Compass: What impact did Penthouse have on your career?

Kyla Cole: I don't consider Penthouse a big thing in my life, it is just another men's magazine. They didn't even tell me that I would be Pet of the Month. I was just in an airport somewhere and I found the magazine.


PC: Would you consider yourself an exhibitionist?

Kyla: There are times when I can be an exhibitionist, but not all the time.

PC: What was the most exciting public exhibitionism you've done?

Kyla: I was in a strip club celebrating a friend's birthday and the stripper didn't show up. I decided with another friend to do a striptease for them. It was funny because the bartender who was there told us that the stripper hadn't come but asked us if we wanted to try. I said why not, but only one song and that's it. So we did one song but got paid for a whole evening. It was just topless actually, but for this bar it was something special.

PC: You did some erotic films directed by Andrew Blake. What would you tell people about these films if you wanted to recommend them?

Kyla: High-fashion erotic movies about fetish fantasies, with top glamour models like me, excellent camerawork, lighting and angles, top styling and a great musical score. An art piece.

PC: : What would it take to make you go one step farther and do a hardcore film?

Kyla: Nothing, I just wouldn't do it, not for any money or any reason.

PC: What do you find most different about the lesbian experience?

Kyla: Making love to a woman is more sensuous, tender, full of the taste of the forbidden and ecstasy. You know what they say: only a woman knows how to please another woman. But I still prefer men.

PC: If you could be a man for 24 hours, who would you be (and why)?

Kyla: I know that a lot of guys would like me to say: "I would like to be a porn actor to be able to shag all those silicone [sic] babes." Sorry guys, I guess I'd like to be Leonardo Da Vinci … for all he represented at the time, scientist, painter, astrologer, coder … but if I had to pick someone living? Hmmm, have I told you about George W.? [laughs] … I would like to be George Walker Bush to be able to squeeze my balls in a vise and let the rest of the world breath freely once again…

PC: What's the difference between the image that most men have of you before they meet you and the real you?

Kyla: That's hard to answer. Each man has different a fantasy about me. Some men think that I'm an easy girl to have sex with and then they are surprised that I'm not. Some are afraid to talk to me and later they are happy when they find out that it's possible … actually, quite easy. But most of the guys say: "Oh, I thought you were taller!"

PC: Many people believe that the most beautiful women in the world come from the Czech Republic and Slovakia…

Kyla: I've heard that the most beautiful girls only come from Slovakia!

PC: But you are sometimes described as the most beautiful woman to come from the former Czechoslovakia. How does that make you feel?

Kyla: Of course it's a nice feeling to know that people like you, but I know some of them don't because if you like an apple it doesn't mean you like a pear.

PC: Have you ever taken advantage of your status as a beautiful woman or done anything crazy just because you knew you could get away with it?

Kyla: Once I did. You see, I'm a good driver and I like to speed sometimes. Once, a police officer pulled me over for speeding. First he asked me to pay a fairly high penalty. But then I used all my tricks … I won't tell you what [laughs] and I got away with just a warning.

PC: Is being a glamour model ever a negative factor in your relationships?

Kyla: I always tell my boyfriends what I do and it's up to them to accept it or not.

PC: And they all accept it?

Kyla: Yes, they all stay.

PC: What are your relationships like with women?

Kyla: I have more male friends, and I like women too, but sometimes, I don't know why it is, women are jealous and then you have problems. I think it's better to have relationships with men because girls can be strange … women are just different [laughs]!

PC: I've read that you love to cook. Do you have any aphrodisiac recipes?

Kyla: I like cooking but I never put anything in [laughs]. Red wine is an aphrodisiac!

PC: What plans do you have for the future?

Kyla: I think I want to stay in the Czech Republic because I like it here and I have friends here, it has the best beer in the world and my webmaster …I think I'll stay here if everything goes OK. But you never know because something can change and you have to move far away. I also work as a make-up artist for photographers, and I have a modeling agency. I'm looking for new girls for this business…for glamour models…Depending on what the girls like to do and what they look like, I can advise them on what they can do…I'm familiar with this business and I know how it works and which photographers are nice and what you need to be careful about, so I started this business based on my own experiences. I'm not looking for a lot of girls, ten is enough, but they have to be beautiful.

PC: How many do you have now?

Kyla: About five beautiful girls, very lovely and with nice personalities too. Two were in Andrew Blake films, Nike and Kara.

PC: Do you spend a lot of time with your website?

Kyla: Yes, I like it because I'm talking about my real life and I like to write news about what I'm doing and planning and people appreciate it. I'm doing live web cam chats and the members also get a chance to meet me in real life. Sometimes when I'm traveling for a shoot I'll say, I'll be in this town, does anybody want to meet me? Let's meet. Usually I take somebody that I know to the meeting with me so I'm not alone. I'm careful...

PC: What are your plans for your personal life?

Kyla: I'm still looking for somebody with whom I can share my feelings, conversation and maybe one day a family with. I'm 26 already.

Kyla Cole's Favorites:

How tall are you? 1m70
Favorite Recipe: I don't know the name in English ... turkey with potatoes, rosemary and wine sauce, it's based on an Italian recipe.
Favorite Drink: Beer, Pilsner Urquell and Radegast
Favorite Restaurant in Prague: I like typical Czech pubs, pivovars
How do you stay in such good shape if you're drinking beer all the time? I started doing aerobics three months ago … in the summer I like to go biking with my friends, but we usually end up in the pub!
Favorite Music: Dance, progressive, house: Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfeld, Tiësto
Favorite Actor: Brad Pitt (not the looks, the acting) and Jean Reno
Favorite Film: Big Blue
Favorite Vacation Spot: I don't think the place is as important as the person you are with.
Official Website: www.kylacolemodel.net