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Czech Restaurants in Prague

Baracnická rychta  $$
Tucked away high up in Malá Strana, this traditional Czech pub has been a mainstay for many years. Come in from the cold and enjoy the warmth of its homemade dishes which include a delicious...
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Ceska Hospoda
Specialities of old-czech cuisine, rich variety of quality brands of Moravian as well as French wines and traditional (well tasted) Czech beer. The recently renovated premises of the 14th century with a capacity of 200...
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Grotta  $$
This tasteful and friendly restaurant offers one more reason for you to head over to the burgeoning Andel area. The portions are large and exquisite and those who are daring enough can order the bloodied...
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Hlucná samota  $$
A warm and cozy atmosphere with a varied menu featuring Czech dishes, fish, pasta and vegetarian selections. Some wild game dishes are better than others but it's not a bad choice for the money. See...
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Hotel Diana  $$$
Czech and international cuisine, specializing in wild game and fish dishes. See review.
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Kinski Palace  $$$$
Centrally located in Old Town Square, this elegant restaurant offers staples such as venison and deer prepared by a high quality staff. Also a member of the Chaine des Rotisseurs.
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Kolkovna  $$
Owned by Pilsner Urquell and therefore boasting one of the country’s best beers on tap, Kolkovna also serves huge portions of traditional Czech fare from an extensive menu. It’s a favorite with both celebrities and...
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Pasticka  $$
Loud and smoky, cheap and authentic, this is one establishment that never disappoints. Dive into the rump of deer and wash it all down with a few glasses of Bernard from the tap.
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Potrefená Husa  $$
A hit with the young, hip and well to do, Potrefená Husa does just about everything right when it comes to food, fun and atmosphere. Order up a juicy steak or just come and ask...
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Restaurant Salut
The restaurant seats 70 and is open daily from 08.00 a.m. to 0.00 p.m. It is available for company and social events, such as weddings, family celebrations, buffets and cocktails.
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Seven Angels  $$$$
Sample the roast rabbit or duck in one of the most beautiful dining rooms in Central Europe. Perfect for those who appreciate a more refined touch.
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Triton Restaurant  $$$$
Located on Wenceslas Square, adjacent to the Adria Hotel, the Triton Restaurant offers you a unique atmosphere that has been unchanged for almost 100 years. The romantic dining room brings to life an art nouveau...
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U Korbele  $$$
Surprisingly cozy for a hotel restaurant, U Korbele provides its customers with tasty Czech cuisine at fair (i.e. not tourist) prices. The atmosphere is pure Czech with the wait staff in traditional costume completing the picture.
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U Kostela  $$
Well-known to most Prague residents and a standard for those living in the Malá Strana neighborhood. This restaurant offers standard fare in a traditional medieval setting. The standouts on this menu are the wild boar...
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U Maltézských rytírů  $$$
A great place to dine in a medieval setting. The menu offers selections ranging from traditional Czech fare to Vegetarian dishes, lamb roasts and continental favorites. Dinners can be cosy and romantic in the candlelit...
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U Medvídků

Established as a brewery in 1466, today U Medvídků is a restaurant, beer hall and hotel. Beer is still brewed on the premises, including the X Beer 33 which the establishment claims has the highest...
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U Modré Ruže  $$$$
Step back into the 15th century here at the Blue Rose and feast on lamb, fish or wild game. The candle-lit atmosphere accompanied by the soothing sounds of live piano music will make it very...
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U Sádlu  $$
If it’s ambience your after, come here for a medieval experience. Imagine yourself a knight or a lady in the vaulted subterranean dining hall while waiting for the cook to prepare your choice of traditional...
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U Vladare  $$$$
Perfect for anyone finding themselves in Malá Strana and looking to feast in style. Wild game is what they do best here, specifically the venison and quail.
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U Zlaté Hrušky  $$$$
Undoubtedly one of the finer restaurants Prague has to offer, The Golden Pear has seen the likes of Alan Alda, Margaret Thatcher and Martina Navrátilova grace its tables. The prices are what you’d expect but...
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U Špirku  $$
Spacious and smoky, the word ‘authentic’ comes immediately to mind once you walk in here. The food is great and the portions are huge but the unfriendly service leaves a lot to be desired. Tip...
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U Šumavy  $$
Located right off Wenceslas Square, the folks at U Šumavy don’t seem to have let the onslaught of tourists affect them at all. Traditional to a ‘T’, the smoky interior and the genuine meals straight...
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Švejk  $$
These restaurants are almost as well-known as the character they’re named after. Stick with the wild boar and the local brew.
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