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Prague Net is the essential resource for travelers and expatriates who seek information and services about travel to Prague. Here you'll find all of the resources you need to make travel arrangements for your trip or to get settled in once you arrive for an extended stay. Prague Net offers seasoned travelers, first time visitors to Eastern Europe, employees on overseas assignments, students, and those preparing for an extended sabbatical or international getaway, a comprehensive offering of information and expertise for visiting Prague.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Accommodation - Prague Net offers short and long term apartment rentals in Prague as well as roommate listings. You don’t have to pay any additional agency commission or other charges on Prague Net.

Hotel Reservations – Prague Net offers you the possibility to book over 350 different hotels in Prague and the Czech Republic, as well as elsewhere in Europe, with instant online availability and booking by credit card.

Transportation – Finding a reliable method of transportation to and from the airport in Prague can be difficult, but Prague Net makes with our highly reliable, English speaking partner offering airport shuttles and private cars. Reserve a shared airport shuttle for airport transfers to and from Prague at unbeatable rates or reserve a private car.

Prague Directory - The directory provides visitors with continually updated listings and user reviews of restaurants, shopping, nightlife and other useful resources for new arrivals to Prague. If you find a place you really feel strongly about, you can submit a listing yourself, or write a review.

Essential Information - Learn more about Prague neighborhoods on the Prague Map page as well as information on arriving to Prague via airplane or train.

Privacy & Security - Prague Net takes your privacy seriously. All financial transactions made via Prague Net are made via a secure, encrypted SSL connection. That means your sensitive personal information cannot be read if it is intercepted by third parties. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about how your personal information is protected on www.praguenet.com

History - Prague Net was launched in 2003 as a sister site to the successful Paris travel resource, www.parisnet.com. More sites are currently under development for other major European travel destinations. Prague Net is owned and operated by Karma Labs Inc., a privately held corporation founded in 1996.

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